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Procam Construction Inc

Procam Construction Inc. is a general contracting firm which ranks as a leader in the commercial and industrial construction and renovation industry. Since its foundation in 1990, our company has distinguished itself due to its thoroughness and expertise in completing major renovation projects and new construction mainly in Québec.

We built our reputation by scrupulously respecting our clients’ schedules and budgets. Sustained growth has helped Procam Construction Inc. to reach a dominant position in the industry, and our corporate values have enabled us to establish an enduring relationship with our employees and job site partners.

Procam Construction Inc. is continuously able to adapt its project management expertise to its clients’ operational and cost-effectiveness concerns. It is a question of respect and integrity. This is why professionals and clients/developers call on Procam Construction Inc.

We boasts an effective and experienced management team renowned and respected by all of our clients and partners. We are committed to working to develop our clients’ real estate projects and are always mindful of budgetary considerations and construction schedules.

Procam Construction

A Reputable General Contractor

The high quality services provided by Procam Construction Inc. ensure a safe and clean worksite. Our focus on the concept of “health and safety at work” gives our clients a sense of confidence in the completion of the work.

A safe worksite allows you to continue running your business while the work is being carried out. Workspaces are secured allowing your customers to continue their activities safely.

An experienced person designated to safety prevention allows us to be on the lookout for potential hazards on the job site and to make adjustments as needed. Thanks to constant visits from our team, we are proactive in terms of safety at our construction sites.

Our company is accredited by Contractor Check. It examines the health and safety policies and procedures of all individual contractors to ensure they are in compliance with the best industry standards and practices. Maintaining this status is a priority for our company.

It is important for us to maintain a climate of trust with our customers. Compliance with corruption / anti-collusion policies is very important. For this purpose, we have the accreditation of “l’Autorité des marchés financiers”

Procam Construction


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